The New Truth or Consequences

by The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

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released December 22, 2011



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Track Name: & We Depart
We depart, heart to heart
Hand in hand, through the darkest
Pushed up close, up against me
We move side to side, through the darkness
Getting older just ain't what it used to be
& So we dance on - for hours

So, dance with me, Sweet Charity
Until - I have to go
Please don't go leaving me, My Everything
You mean much more to me than you will ever know

So, tonight, I'll be by your side
& We could let the winter pass us by
& In the moonlight, we forget the day
I know that we're all right. We'll both be OK.
Track Name: Turning in Circles (Fall into Me)
"Turning in Circles (Fall into Me)"

Shaking trees, those trembling leaves
Chattering teeth, your clacking knees
It goes to show, the ebb and the flow
The nature of you is the death of me
The nature in you is the nature in me

Day to night, bought outright
On goes the light, to see
Four sandy shoes, in white and in blue
I start after you, I just cannot breathe
I get so worked up when you look at me

Called after all, the spring and the fall
For April's an old memory
Come to be called so thin and so tall
If the end's not an ending, then what can it mean?
If the end's not an ending, then I'll be happy

Where I'm going, I go to pieces
In the name of "oh, I can't believe it!"
Where I sit and where I wait
For you

Long spools of thread rolling down of the bed
In Heather grey and Kelly green
Twisting around, they fall to the ground
Turning in circles, fall into me
Turning in circles, fall into me

Turning in circles, fall into me